SoulFire4TheGulf Benefit_2011

SoulFire4TheGulf Benefit Show Dr. John

Sera Solstice
Aliza Hava
The Rhythm Shamans

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Friday August 26th, 2011
@ Public Assembly, Brooklyn, NY
Doors @ 8, Show @ 9

Tickets are $25, and available at:

SoulFire4TheGulf is a healing ceremony, envisioned by Dr. John and Mz. imani to bring the elders and grandmothers, medicine women and men of All Nations together to pray for the people, the land and the waters of the Gulf. It is a gathering that can inspire the human collective to participate in a Living Prophecy to revitalize the soul of a people and a planet in crisis. All proceeds from this show will go to support this gathering that will happen in Louisiana late 2011 or spring 2012.

“Be on time, we start @ 9:09…” Dr. John

A Little History

At the request of New Orleans Musician & Medicine Person, Dr. John, we speak to those who seek to honor the visions of renewal for the waters, the land and the people of the Gulf.  We come from diverse cultures, and we have been called together by the recurring dreams of spirit, to offer assistance, ceremony and prayers to help renew the spirit of the Gulf. We speak to all those who hear in your heart the call of the wounded waters around the world. We are working to bring Elders and Grandmothers of all nations to Louisiana to pray for the land, the people and the waters of the Gulf in late 2011 or spring 2012.

There is no real solution for the sweeping effects of the BP Disaster. We need a miracle and help from the unseen allies of hope. It seems to us that each and every person who drives a car or uses any kind of oil or fossil fuel is in some part responsible, and given that we need a miracle, we are asking everyone to participate in the ways that they can.

It is the teachings of many Grandmothers, and Elders, as well as our own experience, dreams and visions, that when we all come together to unite our hearts in prayer, we can actually weave together a sacred space that can welcome miracles into manifestation. It is about gathering as many people as possible to come together in harmony, both in the Gulf Region and around the planet.

SoulFire 4 The Gulf is our simple offering of music, ceremony, collaboration and kindness to help build a nest where this miracle can land. We know that it is in the hands of the Beloved, the Creator, the Great Mystery, God, and all the other names that S/He is known by.

We offer this work for the future generations and the Highest Good of All, we hope you will join in. Please be in touch with us if you are interested in supporting this project.

Peace Matters,
Mz. imani