Create Comm(on)Unity

If you are interested in forming a circle in your Comm(on)Unity, here are some thoughts on how to get started. Sit down and take a moment to be listen to the guidance of how this circle wants to express itself. Some ideas and options are:

• Host a drum circle
• Host an art circle
• Host a prayer circle or meditation circle
• Tend a ceremonial fire on your land or around the Gulf
• Make daily prayer pilgrimages to the waters and play music
• Invite friends and family over for a meal and a circle of prayer and camaraderie
• Go to the waters near your home and pick up trash. Bring your children with you…
• Sit at your altar and pray for the Land, the Water, The Critters and the people of the Gulf

Think of 2 friends that support you, that support the collective vision of an All Nations Gulf Healing Ceremony, and get together with them. Brainstorm ideas of what is possible and make a commitment to each other to have each of you invite 10 people to participate. Ask those 10 people to connect with 5 people, and those 5 people to invite 5 people, etc, etc. Before you know it, you will have a Krewe of YOU to gather and support the collective vision of SoulFire4TheGulf.

If you have other ideas, we welcome them. We would like to share your stories, to inspire others to tell their own.

Our purpose is to feed the frequency of transformation by inviting people to support Dr. John’s vision of the people of all nations gathering together with a common purpose of praying for the Earth. He says we are “One Tribe, The Human Tribe” and in that one tribe, there are as many ceremonies as there are people on the planet. TWR ceremonies are centered around the drum, music, prayer and a sacred fire. This is an invitation to connect our care for the Earth, through the ceremonies that speak to our faith. SoulFire4TheGulf will weave several forms of ceremonies, both traditional and new world, as Grandmothers and First Nations Elders gather with Dr. John and Gulf Coast Musicians, Turtle Women Rising invites the people of all nations gather to pray for healing of the land, the waters, the critters and the people of the Gulf.

Drumming in Solidarity

Turtle Women Rising has been encouraging Drumming is Solidarity, since 2008, and we continue to encourage that with SoulFire4TheGulf. Drumming in Solidarity is a POWERFUL thing to do together. Each time Turtle Women Rising has gathered, the presence of those who drummed in solidarity with us, was felt. So if you can not come to Louisiana, that is okay! You can still participate from your home place. Either gather with your community and host a vigil or a “stand” or simply decide that you will sit with the drum at some particular time.