bring on board – offer your gifts –

get on the bus – gus + gussie – share your music, your chants that we can share around the WErld

LISTENING – sound is expression 1/2 of god listening is other 1/2 – ACTive Listening. Listening to synchronicity, reading the signs of the day – synchronicity is one way the universe communicates

Devote – take care of the VOTE!

holding the intention-explaining what engaging is – inclusiveness – understanding – inner standing – what do you stand for?

transfer energy throw yourself into it – 30 day prACTice – walking the talk – expressing gratitude.

immerse – dissolving unhealthy boundaries – building sustainable boundaries – involve – pARTner – signing on – committing – upgrade, advance, level up,

Commitment to a prACTice is much like an apprecticeship with yourself/spirit/the water/fire/eARTh/air

TEA THYme – Karmen Curry + other tea pourers + tea ceremonies


focus – wisdom like the reptile and gentle like to dove
Engage with the earth rings – 12 around 1 – 12 eagles
CoSM.org (Full Moons)
SoulFire Sanctuary   (New Moons)

all people, all continents, meet you where you are, meet at the soulfire-meet in the middle-  art in action, decolonize our selves, dismantle power over paradgims ractical and spiritual planetary prACTIces to instigate and inspire peace,

engage with the mystery thru tools like the sacred mayan calendar to instigate a flow in life that co-creates a positive sense of self knowledge. this prACTIce expands our perspectives to navigate the swirling energies of our thymes. By gazing into the ancient WErlds of spiritual and daily guidance, we activate and access peace.