30 Day Prayer + Peace Practice

Potential + Practice = Personal Presence + Power

The potential that resides within us as an individual and as a collective consciousness is a re-source that has not been fully activated. how good can it get? i mean that in the most humble balanced way of harmony for all planetary and universal beings. if we really knew what we are capable of, and we remembered to hold kindness at the center of our guiding compass…all things could come round rite. the WErld, would know peace.

When we practice expanding our heARTs wisdom, we are stretching our consciousness. When we do this, we ACTivate ourselves, and each other, to ACTualize the potential that resides with in us, simply by showing up and intentionally WErking with peace prACTices. when we practice expansion and allowance, contraction and eARThing, this purposeful redirection of energy shifts us from our brain to our belly. Thoughts become signs of synchronicity that show up within y/our experience, pointing us towards peace. WE can Stop, Drop + Roll or go forward, or continue in the roundabout of emotional loops humanity has gotten lost in.