Thoughts for the Firecircle

Listening Matters….
Thoughts for the Fire Circle written by mzimani and Michael Wall 


By living a celebration of appreciation for the diversity of voices, volumes and textures in our fire circle, we broadcast our experience of sharing and gratitude to the entire planet.

Our willingness to make room for each other provides each of us with deeper access to consciousness and co-creativity. Together we open and tend portals of celebration with intention, so that our music honors our most sacred selves. Together we unite our intentions, our passions and our purpose as we dance our dreams into reality!

Percussive music is just one expression of the music found at the Sacred Fire Circle. All our music is intended to be in service to the sacred play and work that rises up as we circumambulate the sacred fire. By allowing the music to rise up naturally within us, nothing is forced and we help maintain a balance that supports the full potential of our musical magic.

Poetry and spoken word moments require a window of opportunity. Seek comfort within the silence that will present itself. Recognize it as a safe and nurturing place to listen to the voice of the inner landscapes and find our voices. From the fertile soil of silence new inspirations and unexpected offerings will blossom through story telling, prayer, poetry, chanting or nature. Have you heard the beauty filled songs of the birds at dawn?

The energy signatures generated by didgeridoos, singing bowls, temple bells, chimes, bird whistles, rain sticks, gongs, and bullroarers, and singing without drums can be very surreal and subtle. We actively seek sonic space for these voices so that they too can contribute to the richness of our musical garden. The unique sonic circuitry crafted by these gentle voices, evoke fluid and sensual motion and connection.

Remember to co-create opportunities for different types of drums to take a leading role and allow for the ebb and flow of multifaceted texture to emerge in our sonic space. Congas, dumbeks, and frame drums don’t have the same degree of volume or projection as djembes.

Remember to be authentic.  Tend to your smile and keep your heart open. Be willing for music to evolve in and through our collective. The magic of the moment will show us the beauty of who we really are. Reflect music and peace, love and light, to each other, into the heart of the circle and trust that the fire will reflect our experience to the depth of the cosmos, and help our people and planet feel good.