Organic Shamanism

Clearly we are living in what many have called the Changing Times, Rite NOW where we are, things are wanting to change. From the Responses of the Planet (Climate Change) to the Responses of the People (George Floyd), We live in a time when our personal and collective evolution will be informed and uplifted – by how we think (accepting what is) and ACTualizing the wisdom of our heART, as a way to rebeARTh ourselves + our Societies. 


Organic Shamanism shows us How to WErk WITH What WE Got!  We have the capacity and the language skills to reframe our reality and reclaim the wild, as we were born in the thymes when this is necessary not only for our heARTs to feel free, yet also for Nature to be Free. that is where our heARTs are free.

Do you have a calling to explore the ineffable, the music and mystery and develop your shamanic sensibilities? The purpose of this offering is to help you define and develop your own relationship with the Shamanic Realities of Thyme + Place. The core principle that guides what Mz. imani calls Organic Shamanism is this: simply by showing up kindly, with your gifts and gratitude, it is possible to make the world a better place to be.

These sessions help us to EMBODY our natural relationship with the seen and unseen aspects of life. As an introductory level experience, Organic Shamanism, points towards ow to ACTivate what is available to you. What is it that you already have “access” to? What within that is ready to be opened and expressed as gratitude, art, movement, prayer, practice, ritual or offering as an invitation for change.

There are metaphysical laws to know about, discuss, lean into and explore. Asking questions, sharing perspectives and committing to heART centered community practice makes room for the collective capacity to be INfluenced thru the personal ARTiculations + ACTions of one who prACTices Organic Shamanism. Experience of our alternate realities helps us discover appropriate methods of blesSINGs, relationship and collaboration with life….when we are seeking information, healing, or raising energy for the planet, manners matter.

Each of us is an intricately woven + unique expression of the universal intelligence. The fact that we are all alive now, is clear that we were born for these Changing Thymes. What is becoming more and more clear is that when we come together, we become a force to be reckoned with. We are stronger together and greater than the sum of our pARTs. We become more smarter, and stronger, and more of our essential as Beings of the eARTh. 

If you know that these old shamanic arts and ways of being continue to look for expression, I am guessing that you understand what it means to feel the spirit of nature. If you know or feel this to be true, then perhaps you are aware that the ancient rites still ripple. Dare i say you know this, AND that you also know that when you nurture what calls, the visionary guidance will respond and flow fluidly and compassionately through you. You know that rite?

That which is available from our seen and unseen allies, is quite remarkable. It is what calls many PLU’s (PeopleLikeUs) who have grown up in modern culture into action. There is something calling for reciprocity and we know in our heARTs that we can (and must) Help Make the WErld a Better Place to Be, Simply by Showing Up.All this has led me, to ask the questions of how can WE be effective in modern times with this shamanic WErk that continues to call to us. The answer is: Simply show up, listen to the guidance and be grateful. Respond to what calls you.

These are very practical tools to gain perspective (both larger and smaller, inner and outer). by using them we discover that we carry messages and can learn how to read the signs in the tangible expressions of spirit that are found in our lives. We will take some risks and see what resonates and responds when we make offerings of our intention to be one with the spirit of life. Organic Shamanism gives us the opportunity to gather with others and participate in universal reciprocity and synchronicity. The journey can (and will) teach you.

By teasing out the truth thru dialogue, art and music, there is a way that you can playfully follow through on what you feel, and trUSt that this way of reframing, and resonating supports us to actively move our consciousness towards living in a way that EMBODIES celebration of all that is and is coupled with non-attachment to the outcome. This class can be offered as a weekend gathering or a virtual class and helps us to EMBODY our natural relationship with the seen and unseen aspects of life.


Classes Begin Feb 2014
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