Experience as the Ultimate Teacher

SoulFire Circles

When we walk into the circle, we train each other through the realms of the experience. When in the sacred space of the circle, whether inside, outside, urban or in nature, on line or in person, the feeling of the experience is the most direct way to synthesize our collective capacity. Whether that be in a one to one experience with a healer/helper or the elements or with a group that is guided, there will always surprises and there will always be core principles in SoulFire Circles.

Mz. imani is WEaving the crossroads of known and unknown, together with the drum, ceremonial fire, movement + song. Many find that what is revealed is an Inner Realm of Guidance – one way to consider SoulFire Circles is a meditation &/or journey work session with the outer realm of drumming, singing, art, silence + movement. We encourage dialogue, and community councils or roundtable discussions, all to be in a circle. Because this is true, we are sculpting our ART as an ACTion that has the potential to align our personal and planetary KINnection of body.mind.spirit. Or more Simply – As WE change – WE CHANGE the WErld, One Fire at a Thyme.

Mz. imani was blessed to receive ceremonial fire blesSINGs + drumming mentorship from Babatunde Olatunji, in the late 80’s, in Asheville, NC. Clearly he poured something into her heART and head that laid down a very strong spiritual and shamanic foundation – that provided deep roots for her to nourish her relationship with the drum + the spiritual capacity that is inherent in the call + response nature of drumming, dance + song. As a teacher and a friend, Olatunji – he shared things with her, that profoundly changed (and charged) her life with an ancestral intelligence + spirit of the drum + the fire to help the WErld Know Peace. These experiences put her on a path that leads her to now, where she is Visionista for SoulFire 4 the eARTh 2022, caretaker of the 18th Peace Chamber at SoulFire Sanctuary, which is the central fire place for this 30 day Prayer + Practice of Peace, within the Planetary Community of PLU’s (People Like Us)

Having walked with the drum + ceremonial fire for a while (as a modern white woman) the drum has taken her many places and shown her many things. Her drumming + ceremonial experiences + communities are far reaching and widely diverse.

All of what she has learned as a woman who plays the drum and tends to the sacred fire, is present in SoulFire Circles. It is designed that way by spirit so that these circles, can inspireyour brilliance and balance to come forth. This design is present in her day to day walk

at SoulFIre Sanctuary in Swannanoa, NC, in the ways she actively supports women (+ men + children) in returning to the drum and tend to the elemental ceremonies of gratitude, life + restoration. Many find these methods of accessing spirit-and accessing collective consciousness-inspiring to their personal ability to find a way to contribute to the collectives capacity. By inviting contributions and providing invitation to personally experience the expression of music, poetry, praise for life while tending to our personal and planetary, SoulFire, with Love, Kindness + Gratitude – our experience (and reflections from our community) becomes our teacher.

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