SoulFire Circles

Imagine yourself, late at night, circling a sacred fire. A fire that sweetly illuminates the faces of the folks you have found. The flickering light, weaves a web, while tangible formulations of rhythm welcome you to embrace the Muse-I-C of your kindred tribe. Each person is engaged with some aspect of art, meditation, music that is harmonioUS and celebrates our personal and collective connection to the divine. you are welcome to join the circle: witness and wonder or circumambulate the sacred. aware of our WErk, we make room for your voice to be heard.

SoulFire Circles provokes and invokes art into action.

Some people play the drum, connected to each other. heARTs and eyes wide open, musicians greet the dancers in a zone of gratitude, sis-stars and brothers circumambulate the fire. The fierce feminine calls the dancers back to her thru the chant. witnessing friends WErk the fire. the magic of this moment plants poetry into our field of dreams that emerges effortlessly until the woods reverberate with silence….

a gatekeeper is here welcoming all who wish to enter. smudging and smiling. people offer each other food and water. in the center, there is an orchestral dance of unseen beauty that radiates a deeply calming, warm embrace of the space you have just entered. You are in a stream of consciousness that calls you to fluid walking meditation and greeting this space. Somehow it looks as if there are nests that surround the fire circle.  the old and the new are content in this place, shaking their rattles smiling, acknowledging you.

Collaborative Art is one of the few remaining experiences that can illuminate the language of the soul, and help us explore our “crazy wisdom” and shamanic natures. Fire Circles are places where the wild and the wise meet each other in the fire, without conversation or direction, we know how to respond with our heARTs. We learn to listen and we learn to invite the Muse to animate life thru US simply to weave webs of wholeness, compassion, play and generosity. 

SoulFire Circles are lightly facilitated and consciously co-created gatherings to Help The heART of Humanity Heal. We find validation in the power of this play by the transformation we feel and see in our selves and in the people who do this WErk. We look to ancestors, the future generations, and our common sense as we dance this passion play. We remember and cherish the moments we have shared with the spirits of nature that visit the edges of our circles, the radical trans-mutation of the center, and ripples of beauty that still linger in the early morning ethers.

Won’t you join us?

Circles Return Spring 2014.
Trainings as early as Feb 2014.