SoulFire Inside



…bring your most authentic self to Soul Fire Inside and help to co-create a place of harmony. SoulFire Inside is a zone where we may explore our
mythic reality, through art, music, movement and trust. It is a place
where we allow our most sacred self to emerge and engage with all that are
present. It is an opportunity to share and swell in the compassion, the
magic, the sound, the silence, the kindred spirits and the joy of community.

SFI EyeWe believe imagination and intention, respect and attention are what fuel
the flames of the fire. We co-create the environment of SoulFire Inside to provide safe and sacred space where unexpected, delightful, magical moments can occur. When you show up at SoulFire Inside and bring your own individual skill and intention for the night, you become a conscious co-creator of the event. With your presence, the
energy and synchronicity available to the group expands.

Take the opportunity to feel and see the complexity, energy and beauty
within the circle. Notice what is happening within the active environment
of the circle. This simple action gives you a moment to fully center
yourself, focusing and aligning your body and mind with all those gathered
for the evening: the land, the fire, the people and spirit.