Sacred SoulFire

Imagine yourself, late at night, circling a sacred fire. A fire that illuminates the faces of your new found family. The connection is tangible between you and your kindred tribe. Each person is engaged with some aspect of art, meditation, music or discovery of their direct connection to the divine. the Fire Circle provokes and invokes art into action.  

Some people play the drum, with hearts and eyes wide open. 

The musicians greet the dancers in the gratitude zone, as other dancers circumambulate the fire. The drums give way to the chant as you witness friends gazing across the fire and singing to each other…” we know you care…”. 

Those who are engaged with one of the altars turn and witness the magic of this moment. The chanting builds until the woods reverberate with singing that gently falls to silence….  

Someone stands at the gate, smudging and welcoming all who wish to enter. People offer each other food and water. You notice that there are babies sleeping in the nests that surround the fire circle. As a young mother steps into the circle to pray for her daughter, you see elders sitting in chairs at the edge of the fire light wrapped up in blankets. Both the old and the new are content in this place, shaking their rattles and waiting for you.

Collaborative Art is one of the few remaining experiences that can illuminate the language of the soul, and help us explore our “crazy wisdom” and shamanic natures. We co-create environments where we build bridges between our ancestral lineage and the ones yet to be.

Fire Circles are places where the wild and the wise meet each other across the fire, without conversation or direction. Places where we magically weave webs of wholeness, compassion, play and generosity.

  Fire Circles are lightly facilitated and consciously co-created gatherings by a small group of women and men who are committed to helping the heart of humanity heal. We find validation in the power of this play by the transformation we feel and see in our selves and in the people who attend gatherings like ours. 

We feel that the ancestors are pleased with this passion play. We remember and cherish the moments we have shared with the spirits of nature that visit the edges of our circles.  

Won’t you join us?