We have the technology available to heal the eARTh.
Some of it is ancient, and some of it is modern.
We know who the 100 corporations are that contribute 80% of the planets pollutants are.
We have prophecies to hear, that speak of this thyme and our roles.
We have stories to tell to bring harmony back to the land.
We have more songs to sing, now that the tertiary sounds of the planet have changed thru extinctions + climate change.
We have apologies to make, reckonings to make and celebrations to co-create.
We can decolonize ourselves, kindly.
We can dismantle Power Over Paradigms + Discover Paradigms of Power From WIthin
Thyme is of the essence: eARThday turns 52, in 2022.
We know that when a woman turns 52, she becomes a grandmother, and she is to be celebrated + appreciated. Let the women + the men + the children all gather to say thank you grandmother earth, please forgive me, i love you, thank you for my life.

Express – to give voice – chime in sound off – speak up – be intentional – art – non vocal expressions – symbolism – convey spirit – convey blesSINGs convey ART in ACTion – giving air to it –

textures of expression – subtle – loud in your face – proclaim – exclamation – invitation – explanation – questions – listening to make the new vision a proclamation – make it so – WErd + will are one – “SPELLing” – Casting the net + spelling it out – i dream the future and so it is – radical neutrality – fast – short cut – expressing the juice from it

For the month of April 2022, we invite you to join us in the magic of expressing a vision of what peace feels. Gather with local and global communities, all around our sweet mother eARTh. The vision is so big, one can not plan it, yet this vision has lived in the heART, mind, body + soul of my walk + WErk, it is only recently that i received the guidance to ACTualize this planetary prayer + prACTice of peace.

It is time, it is THYme. it is thyME, for us to express our individual + collective muse of peace, love for the eARTh, healthy boundaries for our selves + each other, and trUSt that we are here for a reason. Having lived this prayer for the last 30+ years, i have seen miracles occur again + again, when the conditions are such that magic is welcome, and tended to.

So we are instigating a rolling prayer from Swannanoa, NC on April 1st, 2022, at 9am EST. We will tend a fire, or keep candles going contiguoUSly for 30 days. SoulFire 4 the eARTh will host all kinds of circles, on line and on land at SoulFire Sanctuary to express our gratitude, appreciation, apologies, offerings, blesSINGs + prayers for Life. Our prACTices are focused to help us remember what peace feels like.

We invite you to join in + offer to host a circle, or express yourself wherever you are, however you gather with your local community, our on-line community, and our unseen allies of hope. Perhaps you are a First Nations person, perhaps you are a Modern person, perhaps you are a beautiful combination of both. Please feel welcome and know that the prayer is inclusive of all ways that are of peace, light + kindness.

Ways to express include traditional ways of prayer, as well as making art, music, dance, writing poetry, taking photographs, gathering in zoom rooms + on land to prACTice planetary alchemy, praying for the future, and blesSING the Waters. Imagine all the blesSINGs + art that we can co-create with the shared purpose to help make the WErld a better place, simply by unifying our intentions. We are a grass skirts movement and we invite you to pARTicipate.

The vision says 222k people will gather to express themselves together + alone in prayer, dance + with the drum, with the sun+ the moon, the eARTh + the stars, we will reach critical mass. It also says that when we reach “Critical Mass” the people will rise. When this happens the creator can come and sweep under humanities feet, so that all the mish-mash, criss crossing, and chaos of modern spirituality and religion + the power over paradigms can be swept away.

When the people return to the eARTh, the true essence of creation, spirit, god, goddess, however you want to call the divine intelligence, can then ACTuality Help Humanity.

The conditions are such that spiritual people + mainstream people have done horrific things to the eARTh, to each other, “their flocks”, their congregants, their children, the children of others, the list goes on + on, and the vision says dancing like this, with the drum, with prayer (and NO alcohol) will help the heART of Humanity Heal.