Mz. imani

Mz. imani is a people’s artist who blurs the line between performance, art and ceremony. She is a ceremonialist at heART, who calls attention to the power of the imagination and collective consciousness.Mz.eyes.closed.djembe She encourages us all to sing, drum and dance, and pray for that which matters to us the most.

As a collaborator she works and plays with people all around the world to activate the tending of our personal and collective SoulFire. She adds her music to the sound track of this “Living Prophecy” we are all a part of, as a ceremony for the eARTh’s renewal and harmony. Mz. imani’s purpose is to instigate and to reflect the heart of the divine, inviting us all to be a force of nature, as we bring more light to the world. She supports others who are called to do sonic saturation and “clearing of channels” through collaboration, trainings, teaching circles and SoulFire Circles. Her point is to help people be more deeply connected with their heARTs and the rhythm of life, as a way to reflect the energy of peace. In addition to playing the djembe, Mz. imani is a Handpan player (Hang and Halo), and a powerful vocalist. Many reference her as a shaman who calls forth the wisdom that resides in each and every one of us.

imaniFor 25 years, Mz. imani has been following the path of the drum. This was long before the days it became accepted and common for women to play the  drums. Since her early childhood she has been singing with the spirits of the forest and nature, and she “knew” that she was destined to play an instrument. In her mid 20’s she found her instrument, the drum and has been honing her skills to listen to, and support, the rhythm of life.

Mz. imani’s highest priorities are to connect with like minded (and heARTed) people and collaborate. She shares her skills, honed over a lifetime of experience and study, to help others believe in themselves and be kind and considerate of our interdependence. Her intent is to instigate opportunities for collective Art in Action, whether that be prayer, healing, collaborative art, dance and/or music. Her personal understanding of the Elemental Alchemy that most directly influences her life is explored and expressed through SoulFire Circles.

Imani_Black HatShe offers shamanic and fire circle mentorship programs, one to one sessions, teaching and drum circles, as well as ceremonial and ministerial support. Her path is one that celebrates life brings more light to the world through ceremony, play, and conscious collaboration.

She is a mother of two adult children, and is a community catalyst for many, and recognized as one of the elders of her fire circle community. She considers herself a New World Alchemist and a Spiritual Activist, who writes, instigates, records and performs music to help make the world a better place, simply by showing up.