SoulFire: an energetic stream of the collective consciousness.
Meditation and Dialogue with Creator/Grandfather
as recorded by Mz. imani.

Star Nation Humans were born in song pods. You came in together, like peas in a pod. The wisdom of the collective harmonizes the development of these human “seeds”, as that is the way of your star nations home.

As awakening humans you have a choice to engage, or not, with the collective stream of consciousness. Humanity’s collective consciousness is much like a hurt child. To sing to this energy and entity that humanity has co-created since its inception is the way you can help to bring peace to your world.

These song pods of Star Nation Humans all made conscious choices to tend to the soul-ar nature of humanity. The etheric currents of enlightened beings who have died for humanity is astounding. We are not speaking of the ones who have lived to be the great leaders, we are speaking of the ones who have died to help humanity heal. The ones in New Orleans, the ones who died on 911, the ones who died in the tsunami, all the other earthquakes and disasters that have been happening, have been happening to get your attention.

The call has been made to the depths of the universe for help. The elders of all nations have called to their ancient lineage, and they been heard. The ones that you (imani) call PLU’s have called and been heard. Now that the support you have asked for is here, what are you going to do with it? Remember….SoulFire is an energetic stream of the collective consciousness.

By opening, maintaining and sharing these Portals of Possibility, you invite the natural to miraculously appear and immediately bring life back to its archetypal harmonious nature. It takes a lot of energy to move the mass mind, and when critical mass is attained it becomes effortless, it’s easy, because the momentum of y/our prayers pull us thru the night.

We each do our part and the circle of life spins. Before we know it the world will want to come to a fire and sing, make music together….because SoulFire is an energetic stream of the collective consciousness.