Elemental Groups

The Elemental Groups are a social and co-creative environment where you can gather with old and new friends to dive into one of the expressions of art we share at SoulFire. These groups are co-created from the heART of their facilitators, with conscious collaboration being a primary component, as we have found that our WErk and play is about supporting, and being supported in, deepening our appreciation and experience of what is possible within the context of SoulFire.

Experienced in the collective ebb and flow of voices, rhythms, movement, healing and circumambulation found in the sacred all night fire circle, the facilitators of the Elemental Groups instigate inspiration and encourage ways to poetically (and practically) express the elements thru art in action and care of self, community and community container. Most often these groups focus on dance, singing, drumming, ritual and visual art, and each group cares for the elemental altars at the fire circle, supporting the physical aspects of our collective needs there. (water, firewood, smudging, food, guardianship). It is also a place you can give us feedback, ask questions and respond to the invitation we extend to you to engage with both the seen and unseen allies of harmony through Art in Action.

Offered as a way to encourage connection amongst the folks that attend our gatherings, the primary focus is to explore the ways our Art in Action can inform and influence, support and sustain the ebb and flow of the all night fire circle and the overall experience of SoulFire.