The BioSpheric Web

The visions that I have been given over a lifetime of eclectic spiritual exploration, through time in nature, ensemble and community drumming, singing, collaborative art and eclectic all night fire circle ceremony, guide my life and my spiritual practice. Often, in tangible forms, and energetic forms, I find things.

We are all given peaces of the puzzle, and I am seeing this vision to be a part of the road map towards harmony. The planet earth is a living breathing being, she is talking to many of us, as she has spoken to the ones who are listening since the beginning of time. Many of us know she is calling out for help.

Feeling a deep gratitude for the ones who continue to tend the ceremonies that life wants and needs to feel appreciated. Keenly aware that as the old ones walk into spirit, it is up to us to reflect our visions and connect our comm(on)unity. To sing for the planet and all living things.


Floating in the cosmos around the earth, I was shown a time when humanity was still tribal in nature. In my heart, I knew that the humans were one among many people, and that all people were one. The “many people” included, not only other human beings, but all people, like the tree people, the stone people, the bird people, 4 leggeds, creepy crawlies, etc, etc. There was peace.

The humans were in relationship with all aspects of nature and knew that each “people” they encountered were a “living aspect” of nature. This knowing allowed for a strong relationship with the seen (and unseen) realms of elemental energy. Though at this time there was little traversing of the big waters, I was shown that the medicine people told stories of their dreams, visions and spiritual journeys to the lands on the other side of the big waters and the people that lived there.

From the view of the stars, I could see the vibrancy of the earth, our precious blue planet, suspended in the blue black realms of the universe. I was shown what was called the “bio-spheric web” and I was told it is the energetic circulatory system of eARTh. This is not a new concept and I found clarity in the fact that this is a recurring vision.

The strands of the web, each unique and intricately intersected, formed resonant and pulsing expressions of harmony, love, compassion, kindness, prayer, and they each reflected their own color and their own light. At the points where the strands touch, there are (were) orbs of light. These orbs or gems, are the result of the energy of the unity consciousness, that all people knew, and reflected in life. Each strand pulsed with the consciousness of those that tended to it, and the entire system was in harmony.

Then I was then shown what has happened to us in a relatively short period of time.

As I watched, The BioSpheric Web changed, I was told that these changes have occurred over the last 2000 years. At first the web shifted and stretched, going out of its original spheric shape, a little distorted, but adaptable and fun-ctioning. I understood this shift in the Bio-Spheric Web was a direct response to human behavior and consciousness.

As this understanding was coming forth, I was shown bright lights below the web, on the earth herself, some of these lights were soft and glowing and some of them were sharp, blindingly bright and quite explosive. I was told that these bright lights represented powerful times of discovery, for humanity.

In the beginning of the vision I was shown the original system, the powerful times of discovery were flows of bright light from the people and planet. Each being fed by and nourishing this energetic circulatory system. There was a fluid dance, and ebb and a flow of the energies throughout the web and surrounding our beautiful blue planet. In the beginning, human growth, was a part of the web. But at this moment in the vision the bright lights I was seeing on the earth, were actually disconnected from the web, and this is how the distortion began.

As I shared I was shown that this distortion was a direct response to human behavior and consciousness. The discoveries in human development (represented by the bright lights on eARTh) in and of them selves are good. The information could have been used, received, honored in many different ways, or even walked away from. What is not so good is the way humanity has engaged with ownership of these discoveries. (Some of) Humanity started seeing these discoveries as ways to gain personal power, instead allowing these discoveries to support the collective good, or the collective power.


This is something that started slowly and built up over a long time. I can’t really tell you when/if the break happened. I can only tell you that in my heART, I trust, that when given visions like this, it is because I am (or we are) being called to action. There is something we can do to help. Therefore what I do is look into my heART. Hence one of the ways I look at this larger WErk of Planetary Wellness being a collective response to our heARTs in ACTION.

This level of ownership (looking out for self) set us up to distort and disconnect from the life system of the planet. There is so much energy in the “individual power of ownership” that the collective consciousness, in it’s weakened state, imploded. As I watched… the web imploded.

I recognize that with fewer and fewer people tending to the sacred nature of life, that many of us are being tagged to do what is possible to bring people together. Do what is possible to offer maps and ideas to continue the (my) WErk of inspiring and inviting people to return to the drum and to sing for life, being kind to one another and watching out for each other.

I was shown that, both personally and collectively, these are some of the most powerful things that I, and we, can do. There are so many HUGE challenges at this time of humanities experience that we must seek respite. We must seek out ways to keep ourselves renewed, ways to express kindness, be vibrant and to connect our personal power for the wellness of ourself and the collective. How I do this is to remind myself that I do have the ability/tools/skill to influence positive change when I pray and play and sing for fun, or for miraculous healing and/or intervention I sing praise into the spirit realms.

I trust that life is active and listening, so I offer kind WErds and gratitude. And then I do take it a step farther, I ask that the pathway be open for those who can bring forward the soul-ution to the pollution, in and on, our planetary body, mind and soul, For The Highest Good of All.

This is what I do in my day to day life. When I collaborate and do this in a group setting, ceremony, ritual, with one other person, it is clear that we are greater than the sum of our parts. Consistently I find that “she or he sees some peace” of the map, the process, the ceremony, the rhythm, that I do not. When I welcome that and in-courage the collaboration, we both are stronger, feel seen, heard and in our presence.

I have also seen thru this vision (as well as my life) how the music, movement, mystery and art of SoulFire Circles can repair and tend to the web of life, by offering attention and gratitude, simply to tend to the portals and potentials in life, the lightbody of renewal activates. So SoulFire Circles are a pART of the way we can nurture the BioSpheric Web.

Bottom Line:
WE can and do influence reality.
When we connect and collaborate, we contribute wellness in our energetic and planetary systems, or the Bio-Spheric Web.
When we sing to nature, SHE feels appreciated.
When we drum for the waters, they get clearer, because they know you appreciate them.
Do it, sing, drum, dance, pray, make art for life!

It is my hope that this expression of what I have learned can help you in some small or large way.  perhaps my WErk might inspire you to bring forward the next step in your WErk, towards our planetary wellness.

The final message I received in this part of the vision is this:
Anytime one is selfish and greedy, the web gets weakened. Anytime one is kind and giving, the web is tended, becomes stronger and has more potential for wholeness, recalibration and renewal.