Thank you from Mz imani

April 24, 2012

grandmother tree at the mounds, fountainebleau state parkgentle gratitude and blessings, one and all.
i hope this finds you in a good place, and with a peace filled heART.

ceremony, like life, has a beginning a middle and an end.
we started on the mounds.
and we ended on the mounds.

today 4 of us returned to the mounds and to our campground to share our gratitude and smooth out any final ceremonial details of our presence there and to ask that any merit generated by SoulFire4TheGulf be shared with the highest good of all.

the alligtors were there, and swam close by, the frogs, quiet when we arrived, started singing to the drum, the pileated wood peckers flew in close, as did the crow, and the cardinal.

the falcon displayed her acrobatic prowess on the way in and the way out, including flying in a circle from tree level to ground level and then back up abave the trees.

we drove to the park the way we had been each time.
and this time, the end time, we drove out a different way, pointing us in a new direction with reNEWed energy and clear support from the universe and all our relations.

the number 3 has been powerful in the development of this ceremony for the Gulf, and showed up VERY strongly today. it is a blessing to be sitting in this moment and in this time, witnessing the signs and confirmations of our werk and prayer together.

i am happy to be in this town (nola) where we gathered in a big way to hold the heARTbeat and tend the fire for 4 days and 3 nights.

what an epic journey.

thank you for your support, blessings, thoughts, love, light, healing, your grumpies too. thank you for all that you brought and continue to bring forward. the final candle lit at the start of SF4TG went out at 5:00pm (exactly).

a good sign to me, as it tells me that we touched the 5 elements:
earth, air, fire, water, akasha.

blessed be.
Mz. imani