Kaua’i, HI

Please join our SoulFire Circle on Saturday, April 21st in the inspiring, creative energies of the New Moon, grounded in earth-centered Taurus, near sunset at sacred 7:00 pm.

Sprouted from a seed of profound intention (aka – SoulFire4TheGulf), SoulFire Kaua’i will plant a tree of new life – inspiring transformation, healing and global comm(on)unity – in celebration of the rising vibrations of our evolving planet.

We join with Malama Kaua’i, dedicated caretakers of the sacred land and people of Kaua’i, and Ceremonialist/Sound Healer/Astrologer John Dumas, in growing gatherings that open a new way to honor ourselves, our relations, our Earth and our future generations.

It is our desire to spiritually and vibrationally align ourselves with the intentions, prayers and energies of SoulFire4TheGulf, to contine carrying it’s spirit into the birth of the New Moon, sending waves of healing and high frequencies back into the World and to the tender web of life that surrounds and sustains us.  We will light our altar candles with the Louisana SoulFire on Monday and they will burn through the end of SoulFire Kaua’i on Saturday.

In addition to our Waipa Ceremony, we will continue to hold sacred gatherings each New Moon with visions of expanded planetary healing and within intention for creating a New Way to walk together in peace and harmony on this Earth.

In gratitude, we honor the truly sacred.

Contact Sky Asher, dancing.my.truth@gmail.com or connect with us at http://www.facebook.com/pages/SoulFire-Kauai/148413605287076