Baton Rouge, LA

Local Organizations Support Tribal Efforts for Gulf Healing

Baton Rouge, LA — On April 20, 2010, life changed dramatically for the Gulf Coast region with the explosion of the Deep Horizon Oil Rig and the subsequent oil spill. Two years later, most are well aware that the effects of this disaster are continuing to affect all the living beings connected to this region. With this in mind, Baton Rouge Yoga teachers, nurses and holistic practitioners are joining forces with the local indigenous tribes for a five-day event called SoulFire4theGulf to hold in their hearts all those affected by this environmental catastrophe.

Local Baton Rouge organizations and healers have responded to the call from the tribes for others to join in. A five day program is planned at the City Park Labyrinth, in City-Brooks Community Park, where members of the Baton Rouge community can gather together for drumming, prayer, guided imagery, Reiki circles, meditation, labyrinth walks, and supportive yoga and breath work.

Both morning and evening events are planned. Morning events will begin at 8:00 am and evening events will begin at 6:30 pm. (See the schedule below). All events are free and open to the public.

Sponsors include the Louisiana chapter of the American Holistic Nurses Association, Datta Kriya Yoga/ Louisiana, Blue Lotus Reiki, Karmady Yoga, Mulananda Yoga, Loving Touch Center International School of Reiki, and the Baton Rouge Labyrinth Project.

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SoulFire4TheGulf Baton Rouge Events

Monday, April 16th
Morning 8 am: Opening Prayer Service, Karmady Yoga Practice and Reflection
Evening 6:30 pm: Loving Touch Reiki Healing Circle

Tuesday, April 17th
Morning 8 am: Opening Prayer Service, Karmady Yoga Practice and Reflection

Wednesday, April 18th
Morning 8 am: Opening Prayer Service, Datta Kriya Yoga Meditation
Evening 6:30 pm: Chanting and Drumming

Thursday April 19th
Morning 8 am: Opening Prayer Service, Mulananda Chanting
Evening 6:30 pm: Reiki Touch Healing Circle

Friday April 20th
Morning 8 am: Opening Prayer Service, Labyrinth Walk/Baton Rouge Labyrinth Project
Evening 6:30 pm: Drumming and Guided Imagery, Closing Water Blessing Ceremony

Please join us!