Baltimore, MD

Celebration, Ritual in Support of SoulFire4TheGulf

Thursday, April 19 8:00 pm to morning of Friday, April 20

Inspired and Instigated by Ayla
Please reach out to her for more information or to offer your support:

Water nurtures us, renews us and flows through us throughout our lives. The land feeds and holds us. The water, the land and it’s inhabitants need our help now. On April 16-19 people will be focusing prayers and energy toward healing the water. SoulFire4TheGulf will be happening simultaneously in Louisiana, Florida, Japan, Canada, and Baltimore.

Thursday night in Baltimore we have a beautiful warehouse space where we can gather for an all night Celebration/ritual.

The intention is to heal the water and the land. This includes the water and earth within each of us. So everyone is encouraged to do any personal work they wish to do as well.
We will call in the elements with projections of various pieces of art work and photography from local artists. When people come in they will have the opportunity to decorate a candle with their intentions. This could be about healing the water or the earth or something more personal they’re working on. There will be a sand pile in the middle of the floor for people to place their candles in. The idea is for the community to create the event together throughout the night.

Everyone is invited to bring in songs, chants, poetry, drums electronic music… whatever they want to share. There will be drumming and other music going on throughout the night and people can dance around the fire to keep the energy circulating and focused. There will be a chill out zone where people can talk and have snacks and sit down. In the morning, the sand will be taken to a nearby river and whoever wants to come along can place it in the water as an offering.