SoulFire4TheGulf is a call to ceremonial action
that encourages all people to become a part of a Living Prophecy that can
help to renew 
a planet and a people in crisis.

The Gulf of Mexico, January 2012

As a council of friends, from diverse cultures, we have been called together by recurring dreams and visions of New Orleans musician and medicine person, Dr. John. He knows in heart, that when First Nations Grandmothers and Elders come down to Louisiana and New Orleans in prayer, that the healing can begin.

We are doing this grassroots style, and our methods are ceremonial. We invite you to support this intention and actualization of an All Nations Gulf Healing Ceremony. We stand together, as people of the planet to sing to the waters and tend to the heartbeat of our Mother, the Earth. We stand with Dr. John and tend to the sacred fire, and weave the music of the Gulf Coast, with the music of First Nations people, and the improvisational music of SoulFire Circles. We gather to bless the land, each other, the waters, the critters with the music of the heart, and spirit of the stars. We do this for our children and for our ancestors.

As we stand with Gulf Coast Tribal Nations and Dr. John, we ask you to do the same. If you are called, to come to Louisiana, and gather in Mandeville, for SoulFire4TheGulf, we welcome you. We encourage you to gather with people in your home places.

Hold a Stand for the Waters, a drum circle, a prayer circle, or gather with friends. Tend your altar privately, or collaborate with Comm(on)Unity for the healing and renewal of the waters, the lands, the critters and the people of the Gulf, April 16-20, 2012.

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Peace Matters,
Mz.  imani
~Spokeswoman for SoulFire4TheGulf

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