SoulFire4TheGulf is a Gulf Healing Ceremony inspired by New Orleans Medicine Person and Musician, Dr. John. In Solidarity and Support of his vision, Turtle Women Rising  welcomes the Grandmothers, Elders and People of All Nations to support a Stand For The Earth April 16-20, 2012 in Mandeville and New Orleans, Louisiana. If you can’t come down to Louisiana, we invite you to “instigate something great in your community“.

We stand Together, to actualize Dr. Johns vision of a Healing Ceremony for the Waters, the Land, the Critters and the People of the Gulf. We invite the People of All Nations, and all faiths, to join us in collaboration, prayer & music for the healing of the Gulf and all her inhabitants. Currently 400 letters have been sent out to North American First Nations Elders & Grandmothers. Dr. John has invited Gulf Coast Musicians, and Turtle Women Rising invites Ceremonial Drum Groups to support this 4 day ceremony.

The ceremony itself will be held in Mandeville, Louisiana, at Fountainebleau State Park, near the Mandeville Mounds, from Monday April 16th to Thursday April 19th, 2012 and in New Orleans, on Friday the 20th of April. SoulFire4TheGulf will be open to the public during the day Tuesday April 17th, to Friday April 20th. To learn more about the mounds, follow this link.

Because SoulFire4TheGulf is a ceremony, there will not be a charge. We do however need your support and donations, large and small, financial and energetic to cover the costs of this important ceremonial work for the Gulf of Mexico. All donations are Tax Deductible, and can be made through PayPal or by mail: Turtle Women Rising, PO Box 537, Merced, Ca 95341

Please supprt SoulFire4TheGulf.
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We ask those who hear our mothers’ cries around the world to come together, in tiny celebrations and ceremonies of all sizes, to celebrate life, build harmony, and to synchronize ceremonies & ask forgiveness for the harm committed to our Mother, the Earth, by human carelessness.

We invite you to tend the heartbeat of the earth by joining us as we drum, pray and sing. SoulFire4TheGulf honors all paths with the purpose of Spiritual Activism, through our songs, our drum prayers and Art in Action. We encourage you to gather with us, either in Louisiana or with your community at home to offer hope, promote peace and to support healing for all people, and our beloved planet, in this Stand for the Earth, with a special focus on the Gulf of Mexico.

This Collaboration Across the Nations will offer prayers for the Earth and the future generations. Playing our drums, we are open to guidance from the creator, our heARTs wisdom and that of our physical and spiritual elders. We encourage you to take the time to tend your personal and collective Soul’s Fire, to renew your hearts individually and collectively, by participating in this Ceremony for the Healing of the Gulf, April 16-20, 2012

Connect our Communities in a Circle of Ceremony! It is our time to shine.

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Find information on Volunteer Krewes and Calls 4 Collaboration here.


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