Summer Solstice Fire-Hewitt, NJ

Earlier this spring in my meditations I heard the guidance to gather at the Fire.
“When the sun is at its zenith and the moon is in its disseminating phase you
will gather to pour your blessings and prayers into the BioSpheric Web. Please
Circumambulate the Sacred Fire, drum and dance, enter into silence, sing and speak
your intentions to the universe and receive Our Blessings of Initiation.”

My name is Mz. imani.  I walk with the spirit of the drum and sing to the fires of
transformation. I know to trust this voice AND I have checked the astrology. Not only is the moon disseminating, there is also a Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse just 3 days before. I am very happy to say that the way has been opened to actualize this guidance.


“…when the sun is at its zenith and the moon is in its disseminating phase…” you are invited to gather for SoulFire (June 18th, 2011) at Sycamore Grove Farms, in Hewitt, NJ.
Each and every time I have gathered at a sacred fire to play music in any form, magic has happened. This Fire is dedicated to the principles of Initiation and is offered as a celebration to honor the Summer Solstice, and the people of the Portal Trainings.

All SoulFire Circles are community drum and dance ceremonies where we acknowledge
the unseen allies of the universe. If you know you are a part of a Living Prophecy
to help renew the spirit of life, and hear the call to explore collective drumming,
dancing, singing, community art and prayer as an eclectic and ceremonial solution,
please join us.

The Lead Guardians of the Flame (Fire Tenders) are Brighid Murphy and Jeanette,
Ladores.  Thanks to the good works of Jeanette, Su Walenta and Jim Ottavanio,
who have instigated a “Permanent & Sustainable Home Hearth for the Fire Family
Tribe”, we will gather in Hewitt, NJ, at Sycamore Grove Farms.

I smile knowing the eclipse will not be visible to us here in the states (it will
be visible in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia). I smile because the
medicine of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is very similar to the medicine of a Sacred All Night Fire Circle… portals do open, and we are given the opportunity to touch source. How we tend to these portals and play with this subtle, fierce and indescribable energy, is a key to our personal and collective divinity.

Hope to see you in the light of the fire.
Peace Matters,
Mz. imani

Instigated by Mz. imani and friends, SoulFire Circles are an opportunity to
express our comm(on)unity and “Touch the Source”. We each play a role in this
collaborative art form that seeks and shares harmony with all who show up. We
are guardians and instigators who drum, dance, sing and play with the spirits from
midnight til dawn. We encourage each and everyone present to feed and nurture
the ceremony by sharing chants, songs, poetry, rhythms and blessings with the
community gathered at the fire.

Arrive on the land from noon to 7pm on Saturday, June 18th to set up your tent,
acclimate to, and enjoy the beauty of, the land or to volunteer in any of the ongoing
projects happening at Sycamore Grove Farms, (including gathering fire wood).

7pm – Circle and Food
Please bring your dinner and something to share for desert. This will be an informal
circle to introduce ourselves to each other and to share information about the
8:30pm-11:30pm Quiet Time (to nap before opening circle)
11:30pm Drum Call to Gather.
Midnight-Opening Ceremony and Fire Lighting
Dawn-Closing Ceremony and Pot Luck Feast.
Clean up and Rest
Depart land by 7pm

The location is central to all the east coast Fire Family Tribe in the deep forest
of northern New Jersey in the Ramapo Mountain Range. It is 60 acres of private
land that borders 12,000 acres of protected state park, which connects to the
Appalachian Trail. It is 3 hours from western Mass, 3 hours from Binghamton, 2
hours from Philadelphia/New Hope, 3 hours from Atlantic City, 2.5 hours from
Hartford Connecticut, 4 hours from Baltimore, 1 hour from NYC. Carpooling and
public transportation are encouraged! Pick up from public transportation can be

Land costs are $20 and we will “throw a blanket” inviting you to make donations
to the ongoing ceremonial work of Mz. imani, SoulFire Circles and The Portal
Trainings. If you prefer to make your donation in work trade, please contact us.

You are welcome to arrive on the land between noon and 7pm on Saturday June
18th to set up your tent, acclimate to the land, or volunteer your services to the
many projects happening on the Farm. Please consider carpooling or using public
transportation. If you need a ride from public transport to site, contact us.

We ask that you depart by 7pm on Sunday, or make arrangements with the land
keepers. Please make sure to pack out everything you packed in.

This is a rustic camping site with outside showers, porta potties and a barbeque
area available for you to use.

Please bring coolers, ice and the food that you will need. Please pack out what you
pack in. Please bring a donation for the food altar of fruit, nuts, chocolate, or other
finger foods to help us sustain our selves through the night.

On Sunday morning we will have a Pot Luck Feast. More info on this, when you

We will provide water for you, please bring a refillable water container.

Drums and Percussion Instruments
Chants and Poetry
Intentions on Initiation
Camping Gear or RV
Water Bottle
Eating Utensils, Plate, Bowl, etc
Warm Clothes for Night Time
Camp Chair
Rain Gear

No alcohol or drugs.

To register, and receive directions, email