How we are doing it

This project was given to Dr. John and Mz. imani through shared dreams and visions, and with nothing other than a wing and a prayer, they have worked together to bring it forward. The strategy has been to know that this is something that we must endeavor to do and to hold the prayer that this gathering WILL happen with clear intention and Gratitude. Slowly and steadily the resources we need to make this happen are showing up and we are moving forward.

On August 26th, 2011 there will be a benefit concert in Brooklyn, NY at Public Assembly:

We are working within the New Orleans community and the SoulFire community to weave the container for this ceremony. it has been slow going to bring this dream forward, and that is, what it is.

with the Turtle Women Rising on the team, slow and steady, wins the race. contact us if you would like to help,make this a reality….