Why we are doing it

We were asked to help actualize the vision of our friend, Dr. John, New Orleans Medicine Man and Musician to bring the Grandmothers, Elders and Medicine Women and Men of All Nations together to pray for the people, the land and the waters of the Gulf. SoulFire4TheGulf is being instigated to provide a container where these prayers can be planted and tended to.

In Collaboration with Turtle Women Rising, a ceremonial drum group, empowering women (and men) to come to the drum, stand in their power and provide ceremonial support to returning veterans while tending of our earths HeARTbeat, by hosting “Stands For Peace”, SoulFire4TheGulf is an all people’s dance of unity, that provides space for traditional elders and musicians to play and pray together, each in their own way, and also invites collaboration and community participation. We will be tending the SoulFire with care and presence, drumming and melodies, percussion, prayer and poetry, Hand Pan’s and Didjeridoo, music and improvisation with players like Dr. John, Mz. imani, Papa Mali, Gray Hawk Perkins, and you! It is a ceremonial fire of peaceful collaboration and art in action. This can be a catalyst of change based on how the blessings shared and what we do with them.

As a secondary purpose, we hope this ceremony (and potentially a concert) will open the eyes of the general population to what is actually happening in the Gulf. We hope this will then inspire action from the millions of PLU’s (People Like Us) to do what we can to help in these renewal efforts.

We intend to invite anyone who wants to tell their story to come and meet with the many documentarians that are working on projects about the Gulf. In addition there are other media and filming options being talked about. We will keep you updated as things lock in.