Mz Imani

Mz. Imani White walks with the medicine of fire and has been making this journey with heartbeat of the drum for nearly 25 years, during a time when the drum was not accessible to women. A student of Olatunji: who helped her answer this deep calling and leaving her with the task of continuing to invite the people of all nations return to the drum. She tends to this inspiration and assignment by playing her part in initiating and supporting gatherings and events like SoulFire Inside, Sacred SoulFire, CoSM Full Moon Drum and Dance, and Turtle Women Rising.

Mz. imani walks closely with Grandmother Flordemayo and the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, and carries the gifts forward left to her by her many mentors. As a ceremonial fire keeper, drum keeper and a recording artist, she collaborates with many to share the medicine songs received from spirit. Mz. imani stands beside her sis-stars and brothers and reminds us to offer our gifts and our blessings for the future generations, as we actively call forth the wisdom that resides in each one of us to collectively move “towards the one…”