What we are doing

Instigating an All Nations Ceremony and Dance. Dr. John feels a ceremony must happen for deeper levels of healing and renewal to begin in the Gulf.

Guided by recurring dreams (and a sense of urgency) Dr. John feels he “must” bring the Grandmothers, Elders, Healers and Medicine Women and Men of All Nations together in New Orleans. He feels that by doing this we will enact a Living Prophecy that can help to revitalize a people and a planet in crisis.

Mz. imani and Turtle Women Rising support Dr. John’s vision and will help to provide a container where the prayers of all nations can be planted with, in, and for, the Gulf region. SoulFire4TheGulf is an all people’s dance of unity that provides space for traditional elders and musicians to play and pray together each in their own way. As well as an invitation for those present to join in collaboration and improvisational experiences of drumming and melody, percussion, prayer, poetry and dance. SoulFire4TheGulf is Hosted by Dr. John, Mz. imani and Turtle Women Rising and is a gathering unlike any other that we know of.

The permeable and malleable form of SoulFire allows for easy flow in and out of the Sacred Fire for ceremony, song, prayer or dance. Time tested relationships within the communities surrounding Turtle Women Rising, and SoulFire, are strong. Guided by their experience in working and praying together, Eli PaintedCrow and Mz. imani have walked closely with the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, gaining experience in holding a container where the honoring of the traditions of many nations, happens, while welcoming a New Way for prayer and collaborations to come forward.

There will be times that are reserved for specific prayers of specific nations and there will be times that are for All Nations. Times that are for the honoring of the veterans, the warriors, the women, and that are for the children, just to mention a few. Most of these honorings will naturally emerge from the ceremony itself, and there will be things that are set to honor the protocols of the people making these offerings.

SoulFire4TheGulf has the added element of a stage to accommodate the needs of players such as Dr. John, Papa Mali, and other musicians who will support this ceremony. There will be traditional and improvisational drumming and melodies, percussion, prayers and poetry, eclectic instruments like the Hang and Halo (Hand Pan’s) and the Didjeridoo. The music and improvisation with the players present, will provide a ceremonial fire of peaceful collaboration and art in action. We feel that this ceremony and celebration can be a catalyst of change based on how he share the blessings received.