Golden Moments and Photos

Golden Moments from SF4TG

Roxanne: The opening ceremony was pure magik. The prayers were powerful and the energy pouring in from places near and far was palpable. So beautiful to hear all the various strains of music woven together. Zamora on the mother drum, singing and starting the heartbeat that continued until Thursday evening… the SoulFire musicians with their sparkling percussion… Dr John singing from his heart, Gray Hawk, and all the others.

Mel Shapcott: Dawn.


Margaret Meiser:After Gray Hawk prayed at the grandmother tree by his ancestors mounds, Bright Hawk’s music & hand pan with his prayers made all the stars come down and dance. Many spirits, many ancestors.

Ceremony to deliver ashes from sacred fire into Mississippi, New Orleans, April 20, 2012

Mz. imani: Watching the fire turn white when Grandmother Margaret prayed. Feeling the turning within my heART. Receiving her werds.

Danny: Feeling the cumulative energy of the week overflowing into the streets of downtown ‘Nawlins as we gathered even more energy from everyone while we paraded proudly and with Spirit guiding us all. For me, it was like the crescendo and apex of love, intention, gratitude, community, heart and music as we gathered the energies of the city on our march to the Mississippi. I could feel everyone…. EVERYONE glowing and adding to that group energy. Then…… after the ashes were sent out into the waters with a beautiful ceremony, sending our prayers of healing out into the Gulf, I was able to take a moment and play my handpan while I dipped my feet into the cool waters and felt it flow through my toes. For me, that was the river acknowledging my own personal journey, and washing away the miles from my feet…………… bliss. ♥

Jeanette, imani and Brighthawk after the Second Line delivered the ceremonial ashes to the river

Danny playing hang at Mississippi after the ashes had been delivered

Zola: Feeling the spirits move so powerfully & lovingly when Grayhawk prayed Monday evening.

All-Nations Drum Circle at Congo Square, New Orleans, Friday, April 20, 2012